Scotta was established in 1988 with the aim of becoming a centre of excellence for the development of automated plants and systems. From the early nineties onwards, Scotta diversified its production, operating in the hydropower sector, manufacturing snowmaking equipment and ski lift facilities as well as automated industrial lines.

In 1997, the company obtained SINCERT certification. In 2000 it was certified as a qualified manufacturer of public works and in 2003 was certified to UNI ISO 9001-Vision 2000. The construction of hydropower plants soon became Scotta's chief technological area of operations, and the company forged a strategic partnership with Turboinstitut (Slovenia), an internationally renowned centre for the design of turbines.

The wide-ranging experience gained in the hydropower sector led Scotta to extend its operations to projects for energy generated from renewable sources (biomass and solar energy), and from gas turbine and cogeneration plants.

More than twenty years of experience on highly competitive markets, committed at all times to quality products and services.

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Scotta has operated in four continents and in international contexts

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