Other renewable energy sources

Scotta believes in using renewable sources for generating electricity. The most recent technological developments in this sector mean that efficient plants can be built on different scales, from small 2kW (photovoltaic) plants to 4 MW (biomass) plants. Scotta directly oversees all aspects of the construction of new plants: bureaucratic formalities, the development of civil works, design and the installation of electrical systems.

Biomass technology was developed in Europe and the world as a solution to disposing of organic waste (from the agrofood industry and farming and from the processing of raw materials such as wood). Scotta designs, develops and installs turbines and infrastructures for automation and control.

Its photovoltaic plants are developed using the most efficient panels available on the market. Scotta develops stand-alone plants (with accumulators) as well as plants connected to the national grid, with power capacities from 3kW to over 2MW. Plant project documents include accurate return estimates and a plant depreciation plan. Plants can be assembled on existing structures (roofs, lean-to roofs) or on the ground or on ad-hoc supporting structures.

Being committed to environmental sustainability requires updated know how and experience in plant engineering and development.

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Scotta has operated in four continents and in international contexts

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