Developing automation systems is a strength of the company. In twenty-two years of operations, Scotta's engineers have gained outstanding know how in the design, assembly and maintenance of plants for industrial automation. In this sector, where design solutions guarantee business continuity, Scotta has gained a reputation as a reliable partner, delivering precision and prompt services.


It has transferred its experience of manufacturing production lines to the automation of power and energy generation plants. Scotta's staff oversees all stages of plant development, from design to civil works and software programming. Structural works, the manufacture of electrical cabinets and the programming of PLCs and IT systems for local or remote control all take place at the company's production facilities at Villafalletto (Cuneo).

Each component and process is manufactured, takes place and is tested based on stringent quality certification procedures that ensure plant reliability and efficiency. Scotta can provide an after-sales service with maintenance and operational schedules to meet all client requirements.

The best know how in the business, technological expertise and reliability.

In the world
Scotta has operated in four continents and in international contexts

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